Lobby and advocacy

NGOs, local organizations, (international) networks, civic associations, etc. often try to defend an idea or cause actively and put it on the agenda: through campaigns, studies, activism, etc. They are seeking to influence opinions, attitudes and behaviours of decision makers so that their decisions can contribute to better conditions for development.

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Some examples

Evaluation of the policy influencing of FOS and its partners

Evaluation of the results of the policy influencing programme on social protection with a focus on the decent work and health.

Evaluation of the programme for policy influencing of UNICEF Belgium

Evaluation of the results of policy influencing with regards to the integration of child rights in the Belgian development cooperation

Mid-term review of the GROW SIDA campaign (2013-2015), coordinated by Oxfam Novib

Evaluation of the results of the campaign, financed by SIDA, aiming at supporting people living in poverty to claim power in the way the world manages land, water and climate change.