Project details

Evaluation of the Fund ‘farmers Fighting Poverty’, managed by Agricord

Year: 2018 | Topic: Capacity building


The evaluation analyses the results, the approach to transversal issues, the functioning of the Agricord Alliance and the positioning of the partners. The evaluation consists of a meta-analysis of all interventions, an impact study of one intervention in Tanzania and three other case studies (Uganda, Burkina Faso and Vietnam). The data collection techniques are: semi-structured interviews, work sessions (including a timeline and outcome harvesting), questionnaires and focus group discussions. The method of process tracing is used to analyse contribution to policy influencing. The impact study follows the same approach but also contains a household survey.


Evaluation report with conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations


Partners: Context International Development, CIRAD

Budget: 200.000 EUR

Executer: Geert Phlix

Contractor: Pol De Greve (Context), Jacques Marzin (CIRAD), Daniel Thieba, Godfrey Suubi, Do Thi Ngoc Oanh, Alvin Uronu

Continent: Africa, Asia
Country: Burkina Faso, Uganda, Tanzania, Vietnam