ACE Europe offers coaching and guidance

Organizations get stuck now and then, or have an idea for a new approach but do not really know where and how to begin. Other organizations are so busy carrying out their activities that they notice that the world has changed only after the fact. ACE Europe supports organizations that want to move forward or tackle things differently. They do not only want to survive but also to remain relevant in an ever changing context. ACE Europe plays the role of the facilitator in multi-stakeholder processes, processes of organizational development and strategy formulation, or processes aimed at designing new systems and policies: we explore options with the organization and teams involved, analyse and support  the decision-making processes, confront and hold up a mirror.

ACE Europe supports organizations to (amongst others):

  • Develop and roll out a new policy, e.g. concerning monitoring and evaluation or lobbying;
  • Chart a new strategy, e.g. concerning capacity building;
  • Reflect on where things stand and explore new possibilities (prospective approaches);
  • Organize (collective) learning within the organization;
  • Analyse the capacity for monitoring and assessment.
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Some examples

Development of an M&E system for the Programme unit of Plan Belgium

Development of a system for monitoring and evaluation, procedures, tools and templates.

Development of an instrument for the certification of the evaluation systems

Development of an instrument that allows Belgian development actors to improve their evaluation practice and to be appreciated by an external assessor.

Development of an M&E system for the CONNECT programme

Development of a system for the monitoring and evaluation of the execution and the effects of short term ‘knowledge exchange’ projects between local and regional governments in North and South

SIA consortium support process with view to the formulation of a theory of change

ACE Europe guided the formulation of a theory of change by the members of the SIA consortium, focusing on small holder farming and the promotion of a model for social economy.

Accompanying the members of Uni4Coop in the formulation of a theory of change

ACE Europe supported Uni4Coop in the formulation of a new programme on the basis of a theory of change

Technical support for the Other Talk program – Improving Public Attitudes on Migration in Belgium and the Netherlands

ACE Europe provided support on monitoring and evaluation for the Other Talk program, which aims at generating influence on the public perception of refugees and migrants in Belgium and the Netherlands.