ACE Europe offers evaluation

Evaluations help organizations to account for results and use of resources and to learn, acquire insight in change processes and adapt smoothly as and when necessary. ACE Europe examines, together with the client and the organization, what the demands and needs actually are and develops an appropriate methodology: what does the organization want to know, proof or demonstrate or learn, why and for whom? A good interaction with all stakeholders involved and a consistent gender perspective are key in our way of working Our approach consists essentially of a combination of methods and techniques for qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.  We combine elements from existing methods such as
Most Significant Change, outcome harvesting, Theory of Change, timeline, 5 Core Capabilities for assessment of capacity, contribution analysis, focus group discussions, process tracing, ….  We work as much as possible in tandem with colleagues from countries where the evaluation is carried out and in multi-disciplinary teams.

There are different types of evaluations. You can count on ACE Europe for (amongst others):

  • Guided self-evaluations: your organization has only a limited budget and is looking for methodological support to conduct a sound self-assessment;
  • Impact evaluation: your organization wants to demonstrate clearly for whom you make a difference and who contributes to a (social) change;
  • Evaluations of what works and what does not: your organization is wondering whether its approach works and under what conditions;
  • Programme assessments: as a subsidy provider or implementer, you want to understand better how various project interventions contribute to sustainable changes at the meso, national and international level.
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Some examples

Evaluation of the Africa Biogas Programme of the organisation SNV

Evaluation of the results of a programme aimed at the creation of a biogas sector in African countries, based on household questionnaires and a survey amongst professionals.

Evaluation of the learning tools of VIA Don Bosco

Evaluation of the instruments that the Belgian NGO uses to support learning about the vocational training program with the partner organizations

Evaluation of the Fund ‘farmers Fighting Poverty’, managed by Agricord

Evaluation of the fund and more specifically the mechanism that provides financial services and advice to initiatives of farmers' organizations.

Mid-term and final evaluation of the VVSG program 'Municipal International Cooperation'

ACE Europe carried out a mid-term and the final evaluation of the Municipal International Cooperation programme of the VVSG international service.

Evaluation of the policy influencing work with regard to the Middle-East, more in particular Israel and Palestine for the NGO Broederlijk Delen

ACE Europe conducted an evaluation of the policy influencing work of Broederlijk Delen on the Middle East, more in particular Israel and Palestine.

Final evaluation of the Institutional University Cooperation (IUC) with the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) in Mozambique

Evaluation of multidisciplinary academic cooperation between Flemish universities and UEM in Mozambique with emphasis on health, gender and human rights.

Mid-term evaluation of Inclusive Decisions at the Local Level (IDEAL) executed by VNG International

ACE Europe carried out a mid-term evaluation of the IDEAL project, that works on the involvement of citizens in local governmance in 7 countries facing fragility or conflict.