Local development and local governance

Local development processes require more and more smooth cooperation between different stakeholders, e.g. local authorities and schools or local water companies, farmers’ organizations, the media, churches, local NGOs, traditional leaders, etc.  The way in which  local stakeholders take decisions together on the development of their municipality, city or region is translated in the concept of local governance. The quality of local governance is often decisive for the quality of basic services such as education, access to water, food and healthcare. More and more municipalities try to work across the borders to improve these local services, e.g. under the form of city-to-city cooperation.

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Some examples

Support to civil society in Ukraine

Realise and support effective partnerships between civil society organisations and regional governments in Ukraine with view to a better social service delivery

Evaluation of the regional development projects in the Philippines and Guatemal for the Province of Antwerp

Evaluation of the partnership and the contribution to capacity development of regional government and social organisations

Review of the Local Government Capacity Programme (LGCP) 2012-2016 of VNG International

Mid-term evaluation of a programme aimed at building capacity of local governments based on three cases in South-Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda (water and food security).

Mid-term evaluation of Inclusive Decisions at the Local Level (IDEAL) executed by VNG International

ACE Europe carried out a mid-term evaluation of the IDEAL project, that works on the involvement of citizens in local governmance in 7 countries facing fragility or conflict. 

Mid-term evaluation VVSG municipal development cooperation program 2017-2019

ACE Europe carried out the mid-term evaluation for the VVSG programme for municipal development cooperation. This programme supports Flemish cities and municipalities in the further development and professionalisation of a municipal global policy.