Development education

Development education has to do with stimulating learning processes among children and adults concerning global problems and challenges. Development education is intended to contribute to a better understanding of the world around us, with particular attention for North-South relations and injustice in those relations. The aim is to call on individuals, organizations and institutions for active world citizenship and to develop their capacity to behave as citizens of the world.

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Some examples

Guided self-evaluation of the programme of the NGO KIYO (2014-2016)

Evaluation of a programme aimed at the integration of child rights in Belgian schools and organisations.

Guided self-evaluation of an educational project of the NGO Djapo

Support to the evaluation of the project ‘World days at school’

Accompanying the members of Uni4Coop in the formulation of a theory of change

ACE Europe supported Uni4Coop in the formulation of a new programme on the basis of a theory of change

Evaluation of the education program of Woord en Daad

ACE Europe has evaluated the educational programme of the Dutch NGO Woord en Daad. 

Final evaluation of EMMo programme on empowerment of Caritas and CJP

ACE Europe conducted the final evaluation of the EMMO programme that ran from 2017 to 2021.