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Evaluation of the education program of Woord en Daad

Year: 2019 | Topic: Development education


The Education Programme of the Dutch NGO Woord en Daad underwent significant changes since 2016. Gradually Woord en Daad moved from regular education projects to a sectoral approach, through the new International Network for Christian Education (INCE) program. The scope of the evaluation is the entire program, being the combination of the regular education projects and new INCE projects, but with a focus on lessons that are relevant for a further development and roll-out of the INCE approach. 

Woord en Daad dissolved its departments and adopted a project-based way of working. Through case studies in Haiti, Burkina Faso and Nepal, ACE Europe assessed to what extent the project-based way of working is affecting quality, efficiency and results of the education and INCE programmes. This evidence-based approach will contribute to strategic reflection and learning.


ACE Europe took into account the changes Woord en Daad went through over the past year, enabling Woord and Daad to learn about this process in perspective of future strategic development of the education/INCE programme. The evaluation can be used as a tool for Woord and Daad to improve, since it involved teams into the learning process and offers well-substantiated lessons from the current programmes.

Partners: Van Gerwen for a Change

Budget: €26.800

Geert Phlix

Contractor: Frans Van Gerwen (Van Gerwen for a Change)

Continent: Latin America, Africa, Asia
Country: Burkina Faso, Haiti, Nepal