Men and women are assigned different tasks and roles in every society, as a result of which their life develops differently and power relations arise which in many cases are detrimental particularly to women and girls. Gender is therefore an essential consideration in the design, implementation and assessment of programmes and projects. Gender analysis can help to analyse the different needs of men and women as well as the impediments, specific opportunities and respective survival strategies.

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Some examples

End of term evaluation of the Universal Access to Female Condom Programme

Evaluation of a programme that aims to improve universal access to the female condom through a collaboration between NGO's and the private sector.

Mid-term review of the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women programme (FLOW)

Evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of a Dutch Fund focusing on strengthening capacity of womens' organisations that promote equal rights and opportunities for girls and women.

Evaluation of the MDG3 Fund and bilateral support for Gender Equality

Evaluation of the contribution of Dutch funds to changes for women's organisations and results of gender programmes with particular attention for gender equality, empowerment and lobby.