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Mid-term review of the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women programme (FLOW)

Year: 2014 | Topic: Gender


FLOW is the successor to the MDG3 Fund (2008-2011), which had been established in 2007 following the Schokland Agreements. Despite global agreements that have to ensure the rights, opportunities and security of women and girls, gender inequality is still widespread. Studies show that there is global  decline in the financing of organizations (especially women's organizations), which promote equal rights and opportunities of women and girls. However, studies also show that women's organizations have an important role to play in the fight for gender equality. The aim of the evaluation is to obtain a critical and analytical answer to some specific research question and to identify best practices and lessons learned concerning the advantages and disadvantages of this fund. The mi-term evaluation consists of a study of documents, supplemented by interviews with key stakeholders in the Netherlands and a limited number of interviews with some of the organizations that received funds and two of their fellow implementing partners and beneficiary organizations.


Evaluation report with conclusions and recommendations

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands
Dutch Government

Budget: 33.000 EUR

Geert Phlix

Continent: Europe
Country: The Netherlands