Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

How does an organization know that its interventions work and that they contribute to social change? By monitoring and evaluating those interventions closely.  Monitoring entails keeping track of the (quality of) the implementation and changes in the context; evaluation has to do with assessing the results and contribution to change. M&E is an essential component of developing, planning and implementing programmes and learning about what works and what does not.

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Some examples

Technical support for the Other Talk program – Improving Public Attitudes on Migration in Belgium and the Netherlands

ACE Europe provided support on monitoring and evaluation for the Other Talk program, which aims at generating influence on the public perception of refugees and migrants in Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Support for KRAS in the development of ToC and the M&E system

ACE Europe supports KRAS youth work in the development of its Theory of Change and M&E system.

MEAL process for NGO federations (2022)

ACE Europe organised a MEAL follow-up event for NGO federations in 2022.

Implementation of a Theory of Change learning trajectory for Belgian CSOs and AIs

ACE Europe organised a ToC learning track for Belgian CSOs and IAs. A ToC guide was also developed.

M&E support for RESCALED (2022-2025)

ACE Europe takes on the role of 'critical friend' and MEAL partner for the RESCALED programme that runs from 2022-2025.