Project details

End of term evaluation of the Universal Access to Female Condom Programme

Year: 2015 | Topic: Gender


The Universal Access to Female condoms (UAFC) Joint Programme, an initiative of four Dutch organisations, aims to make female condoms accessible, affordable and available for all. To realize this, the programme focuses on manufacturing and regulatory support, large scale country programmes in Cameroun, Nigeria and Mozambique, advocacy, linking and learning, and communication. The objectives of the evaluation are to assess relevance, effectiveness and sustainability and the UAFC consortium, governance and coordination structures. A combination of qualitative methods was used: semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions making use of the value game approach, participative workshops including time lines and self-assessment exercises, study of documents, process tracing and reconstruction of Theory of Change.            


3 Country reports and synthesis reports with conclusions and recommendations.

Client: Oxfam Novib
Development NGO

Partners: Context International Cooperation

Budget: 89.800 EUR

Geert Phlix

Contractor: Esther Jurgens, Karine Godthelp, Fons van der Velden, Patricia Schwerzel, Adakou Apedo Amah, Dolapo Amole en Katia Taela

Continent: Africa
Country: Cameroon, Mozambique, Nigeria