Project details

Development of an instrument for the certification of the evaluation systems

Year: 2017 | Topic: Monitoring and evaluation


The Service for Special Evaluation of the Belgian Development Cooperation mandated the consortium of ACE Europe/COTA/HIVAKUleuven to develop an instrument that would engage the 88 Belgian development actors to continously invest in the improvement of their evaluation practice. The instrument was developed through a particatory process and a testphase. The instrument covers the capacity of an organisation to manage the evaluation system, the processes of managing external evaluations and the evaluation reports.



Report on the study, description of the instrument, manuals for the organisation and the assessors with formats. The instrument will be rolled out from 2018 onwards. More information (in French) on: Website of the Department of the Special Evaluator

Client: The Service for Special Evaluation

Partners: COTA en HIVA KULeuven

Budget: 114.000 euro

Executer: Corina Dhaene (lead), Geert Phlix

Contractor: Franck Signoret (COTA), Bruno Mola (COTA), Jan van Ongevalle (HIVA), Gerda Heyde, Heinz Engel

Continent: Europe
Country: Belgium