Project details

Evaluation of the Africa Biogas Programme of the organisation SNV

Year: 2015 | Topic: Local development and local governance


This project of SNV (Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers) wants to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and viable biogas sector in five African countries, including Burkina Faso and Tanzania . Balanced relationships between consumers, providers and policy makers, the existence of a private market , consumer credit and insurance systems are important elements for a viable biogas sector . The evaluation assesses the extent to which the programme was successful in developing a market-oriented biogas sector along with the impact of the program in relation to the number of people using bio-digesters. ACE Europe conducted household surveys (Randomised Trial Control (RTC) amongst users) and surveys among masons in addition to other techniques to gather information (document study , focus group discussions , semi -structured interviews) .


Evaluation report with conclusions and recommendations in English

Client: SNV

Budget: 220.000 EUR

Executer: Geert Phlix

Contractor: Gerda Heyde, Bruno Verbist (KULeuven), Reinhard Stoop, Hezron Makundi en Idrissa Kaboré

Continent: Africa
Country: Burkina Faso, Tanzania