Project details

Project Writing for academics: formulation of projects based on a logical framework and the Theory of Change

Year: 2018 | Topic: Other


At the request of the international service of Hasselt university, ACE Europe organised a training for the researchers and professors of the university who want to write a project proposal and have to draw up a logical framework and a theory of change, among other things. The training was a first introduction. The participants who were already working on a concrete project proposal were able to take it with them to the training and continue working on it.


The training focuses on the tools, approaches and methods that are supportive in the analysis of change and in the formulation of the intervention. Through the training, the participants acquire knowledge of how to draw up a logical framework and a theory of change and are able to work on this independently.

Client: Hasselt University

Budget: €1.450

Executer: Corina Dhaene

Continent: Europe
Country: Belgium