Project details

Mid-term evaluation of the Interuniversity Cooperation with Mountains of the Moon University, Uganda

Year: 2018 | Topic: Capacity building


This evaluation looks at the results of the 2012-2016 program, in which various Flemish universities collaborate with the Mountains of the Moon University on research (aquaculture and dairy production), strengthening research and teaching skills and outreach to local communities (amongst others through a new radio station). The evaluation is carried out by means of a survey, a field visit with work sessions (e.g. a timeline session), focus group discussions, semi-structured interviews and visits to new infrastructure.


Evaluation report with recommendations for a next phase

Client: VLIR-UOS
Development NGO

Budget: 25.000 EUR

Corina Dhaene

Contractor: Paul Kibwika (University of Makerere)

Continent: Africa
Country: Uganda