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Evaluation of the immersion workshops of Oxfam Solidarity (Belgium)

Year: 2013 | Topic: Development education


Oxfam Solidarity organizes two immersion workshops for students and youth/young adults. The workshops 'Bolivia' and 'Mondiapolis' exist for several years. They deal with the following themes:  food security and climate change (Bolivia) and globalisation and decent work (Mondiapolis). The workshops are constantly adapted to new developments and the needs of visitors, including teachers and students. This evaluation wants to investigate the quality of the workshops, their relevance for teachers and studens and the effects on students. The evaluation is executed through school visits to 9 schools in different parts of the country. These visits allowed to distribute a questionnaire amongst students who participated in a workshop last year. In total 296 students handed in their answers. During the visits, ACE Europe organised interviews with teachers and schoolmanagement and focus group discussions with students. With the education team of Oxfam Solidarity a self-evaluation was organised and individual interviews were conducted. ACE Europe also organised an observation of the execution of the workshops.


Evaluation report with recommendations. This report also contains a report of the observation of the workshops and the statistical analysis of the results of the questionnaire.

Client: Oxfam Solidarity
Development NGO

Partners: D.R.I.S.

Budget: 19.550 EUR

Corina Dhaene

Contractor: Karen Bahr, Sébastien Maes en Pierre Grega

Continent: Europe
Country: Belgium