Project details

Evaluation of the policy influencing of FOS and its partners

Year: 2016 | Topic: Lobby and advocacy


FOS ( Socialist Solidarity ) is currently conducting a program on social protection with a focus on the right to decent work and health in various countries of Latin America, the Southern African region and Palestine. The program runs from 2014 until the end of 2016. The evaluation will analyse the activities and results of the current program in Ecuador, El Salvador, and South Africa. The focus of this evaluation is very much on learning and on an analysis of efficiency and effectiveness both at the level of the partners and at the level of FOS. The evaluation uses specific methodologies ( including tracing process methods) to analyze what changes can be attributed to the programme.


Evaluation report with conclusions and recommendations + conceptual framework for FOS to identify the most appropriate support to activities of lobby and advocacy

Client: FOS
Development NGO

Partners: HIVA KULeuven

Budget: 18.730 EUR

Geert Phlix

Contractor: Huib Huyse

Continent: Latin America, Africa
Country: Ecuador, El Salvador, South Africa