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Evaluation of the policy influencing work with regard to the Middle-East, more in particular Israel and Palestine for the NGO Broederlijk Delen

Year: 2019 | Topic: Lobby and advocacy


This evaluation of the policy influencing work of Broederlijk Delen on the Middle East is part of a larger impact study (on migration, climate and financial justice) conducted by ACE Europe in Belgium 2018-2021. Quantitative data were collected through semi-structured interviews and an online survey, policy documents, question in parliament and literature were reviewed in a document study. The results were analysed and formed part of the learning- and sensemaking process.


The evaluation is meant to account for the results achieved at the end of the programme towards external and internal stakeholders, being the funding authority and Broederlijk Delen’s own governance bodies and support base. It allows Broederlijk Delen to improve its ongoing programme implementation and as such to indicate where and how strategies can be improved in order to maximise the realisation of the specific objectives at the end of the programme period.

Client: Broederlijk Delen
Development NGO

Partners: HIVA KU Leuven

Budget: €12.950

Corina Dhaene

Continent: Europe
Country: Belgium