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Introduction to monitoring and evaluation of municipal North-South projects (publication)

Year: 2013 | Topic: Monitoring and evaluation


The Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) supports Flemish municipalities in the implementation of their North-South policy. In the future, VVSG wants to pay more attention to monitoring and evaluation. The aim is to develop a monitoring and evaluation approach tailored to municipalities and their projects for North-South cooperation. In a first step, VVSG wants to make the municipalities familiar with the jargon of monitoring and evaluation and the different approaches and techniques that exist. Therefore, a publication was edited. ACE Europe wrote several chapters about PCM, logical framework, elaborating a system for monitoring and evaluation, the division of M&E responsibilities and cooperation between actors, planning of monitoring and evaluation and techniques for data collection.


Publication of Politeia for VVSG under the (working) title: "An introduction to monitoring and evaluation for municipalities". The publication came out in spring 2013 (in Dutch only).

Client: VVSG
Lokale overheid

Budget: 8.250 EUR

Corina Dhaene

Contractor: Bert Janssens (VVSG)

Continent: Europe
Country: Belgium