Project details

SIA consortium support process with view to the formulation of a theory of change

Year: 2020 | Topic: Other


The SIA consortium consists of SOS Faim, Iles de Paix and Autre Terre. The 3 NGOs work together to promote small holder farming and a social economy model in support of the emergence of a fairer and more solidary world, oriented towards sustainable development. The SIA members wanted to reformulate the vision of the consortium on a strategic level. ACE Europe guided this process at the strategic level and at the level of the programme implemented in Belgium.


In a series of meetings, the SIA members and their staff formulated a Theory of Change (ToC). The objective of this ToC is to develop a global framework that helps to better define common global objectives and to identify the contribution of the three NGOs (individually and together) to the achievement of these objectives. 

Client: SIA

Budget: €4.350

Executer: Corina Dhaene

Continent: Europe
Country: Belgium