Project details

Evaluation of the Trade Union Co-financing Programme 2013-2016

Year: 2016 | Topic: Capacity building


Subject of the evaluation if the whole Trade Union Co-financing Programme 203-2016 of CNV Internationale that includes various result areas and interlinked sub-programmes that are expected to improve social dialogue. The programme aims at strengthening the capacity of partner confederations and their affiliates. The evaluation consists of two phases, a mid-term evaluation and a second measurement. Field missions to Niger, Cambodia and Colombia will be executed. Prior to this, a theory of change will be discussed with the programme management. The data collection allows to formulate conclusions on efficiency, effectiveness at output and outcome level, impact, relevance and sustainability. This will be done through : desk study, validation of data collected by the project, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions, analysis of gender, advocacy and lobby strategies and contribution.


Three country reports and one synthesis report in 2016

Client: CNV International

Partners: HIVA

Budget: 206.445 EUR

Geert Phlix

Contractor: Huib Huyse, Bénédicte Fontenau, Angela Rivas, Serey Pahl and Aboubacar Souley

Continent: Latin America, Africa, Asia
Country: Cambodia, Colombia, The Netherlands, Niger